Historical Travel

Staying in touch with history is a part of travel not to be missed. Here at Striped Pot, we live the history.

A Little Rock AR getaway

The Little Rock river market includes: restaurants, a distillery, Market Hall (with 15 dining establishments), farmer’s market, Riverfront Park, shopping, the William J. Clinton Presidential Center.


Exploring Victoria, B.C. – Victorian city surrounded by natural beauty

Not that long ago, Victoria, British Columbia was Canada’s wild western frontier. Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, northwest of Seattle, Victoria was established as a trading post for the Hudson Bay Company in the 1840s. Victoria saw its population explode from around 300 to more than 5,000 in a matter of weeks when the discovery of gold brought thousands of hopeful miners to the area. A couple of decades later, Victoria became the provincial capital of British Columbia, and the city has never looked back.


Charming Hotel Metropole is oldest in Bellagio, Italy

Hotel Metropole, an elegant pink-toned building on the waterfront of Lake Como, dates to 1721.


Ride the train: rail vacations for 2013

Train trips offer no driving, no airport hassles—just great scenery on your vacation.


Sydney’s ANZAC Memorial: Tribute to a Failed Dream

ANZAC Memorial in Sydney is a sobering tribute to the 120,000 men and women who served in the Australian and New Zealand forces during WWI. The monument was built when the people believed that WWI was truly “The War to End All Wars.”


Discovering Ireland’s ancient mysteries

On our first trip to Ireland, more than a decade ago, the megalithic tomb at Newgrange was our first stop—literally. We learned how to drive on the “wrong” side of the road on the 30-mile trip from the Dublin airport. It was an amazing introduction to what has become a real love affair.