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Terri Colby is an award-winning writer and editor who loves to travel. A Chicagoan by birth and by choice, Colby is serious about traveling the world. But there's nowhere but Chicago that she could ever call home. Terri’s wide-ranging career has included stints at The Chicago Tribune, The Associated Press and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Terri's new blog, www.imsleepingaround.com, showcases some of her recent travels and will also include regular book reviews related to travel in a category called Reading on the Road. Her husband and two children share her love of travel, but she's been known to leave them at home when she hits the road. Colby is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers. Terri's Bio

Festivals and places to stay in Cuenca, Spain

With it’s Casas Colgadas, or Hanging Houses, and coloful old town center, Spain’s Cuenca is a great place to visit. But try to come during one of its popular festivals in either the spring or fall to experience something truly extraordinary.


Modern mingles with the medieval in Cuenca, Spain

In the small Spanish town of Cuenca, time appears to stand still, carved in stone atop a precipice 3,300 feet above a river gorge. That’s where you see the Casas Colgadas, or Hanging Houses, Cuenca’s most iconic image.


A top 10 list for India

Every visitor to India will find moments that astound. It would not be too difficult to compile a list of the Top 100 things to do or places to visit in India. But I’ll narrow my list to the Top 10 magical moments from my first journey to India. Enjoy my choices from Incredible India.


India can leave you speechless

A first-time visit to India can leave travlers awestruck. There’s so much to look at that your camera finger could get tired. There’s the Taj Mahal, of course, whose familiar iconic images do little to prepare visitor for the fabled monument to love. And there’s Varanasi where the spiritual bathe on steps that disappear into the holy and historic but filthy Ganges. But the everyday scenes can be just as striking, in their majesty and beauty or in their wretchedness and despair.


Elysian Hotel in Chicago named best hotel in U.S. by Conde Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler magazine has named Chicago’s Elysian Hotel the best hotel in the U.S. in its Readers Choice awards for 2011.


Panties on parade in Chicago’s new giant Marilyn Monroe

Public art seems to always spark a conversation, at the very least, and in Chicago these days the Windy City is living up to its name with the conversations swirling around the newest piece of art on display: It’s a giant Marilyn Monroe on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, positioned in her famous pose from “The Seven… Read More