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About Gail Hunter

Gail has always enjoyed exploring the back alleys of historic towns looking for architectural gems and unusual gardens. She has also plied the lesser-known fresh and salt waters by boats from kayaks to cruisers. She has tracked down crafters and culinary experiences, all the while keeping logs and photo journals to fuel her love of writing. Gail's Bio

Mystic’s Kitchen Little now on Mason’s Island

Kitchen Little, long a favored breakfast spot on CT-27 between I-95 and the Mystic Seaport Museum has moved to new quarters on Mason’s Island at the Mystic River Marina. It’s fans have followed, hungering for their good food, friendly faces, and inclusive menu – eggsquisitly prepared and customized for your delight.


Spend an RV night at farm or vineyard

Harvest Hosts, a members-only travel club offers a new experience for RVers who own self-contained units by pairing them with farmers and wine makers who invite them to stay for a free night. In return, the RVers usually buy some produce or wine. Everybody wins. Membership is only $35 a year and includes interactive maps of the areas.


Protect your pet – Remote Temperature Monitor

RV travel is a family affair when you include your children and pets,. Protecting them against injury or death is paramount. “Gadget” is an insignificant word for these monster devices – small in size, but huge in their work. They alert you electronically via your cell phone or bluetooth about hazardous conditions in your RV, home, or anywhere you have internet or cellular connections.


Colorado Springs by RV and car

Colorado Springs boasts three particularly interesting places to visit: Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and The United States Airforce Academy. Special advice for RVers about campgrounds and driving limitations. Outdoor sports and activities abound. The cultural scene is extensive and eating great food is explored.


Boulder Indoors – the labs, restaurants, museums and more

Boulder, Colorado Indoors: Boulder’s reputation for Outdoor Activities is well known, but it is also famous for its Indoor Attractions: Restaurants abound for every taste; Music and theater fill the air; Art is fostered and prominently displayed. Science buffs will find joy in all the laboratories sponsored by the University of Colorado, the U.S. Government and City of Boulder. In other words, Visit Boulder – it will bowl you over.


Beautiful, Bodacious Boulder, Colorado

Beautiful, bodacious Boulder, Colorado – A university town with many research laboratories, it derives much of its spirit from the energy and inquisitiveness generated by those elements. Rich in the arts, outdoor activities, history and culture its overall appeal is topped off by the surrounding Rocky Mountains and all they stand for.