Fran Severn

I own more suitcases than Imelda Marcos has shoes. Over 30 years of traveling and living around the world; I am fascinated by the magic and variety of the cultures, history, and people. Based in the Mid-Atlantic, I'm ready to fly off (including in my own plane) for a new adventure. Read More

Appalachian Independence Day: Who Needs Fireworks When You Have an Anvil?

Knoxville’s Museum of Appalachia is an authentic re-creation of mountain life, skills, and traditions. The 4th of July celebration features an anvil toss, with anvils sent skyward by exploding black powder.


Riding in the Garden of the Gods

Trail riding through Colorado Springs’ Garden of the Gods with Academy Riding Stables is a worthwhile, unique mountain experience.


Zip (Line) A- De-Doo-Dah!!!: A Zip Line Adventure

Zip lining is a treetop canopy adventure with Zip Quest in Fayetteville, NC.


Sydney’s ANZAC Memorial: Tribute to a Failed Dream

ANZAC Memorial in Sydney is a sobering tribute to the 120,000 men and women who served in the Australian and New Zealand forces during WWI. The monument was built when the people believed that WWI was truly “The War to End All Wars.”


Sydney Fish Market: Catch of the Day for the World

Touring the Sydney Fish Market, the second largest wholesale fish market in the world.


Sydney Celebrates the Year of the Snake

Sydney, Australia celebrates the Chinese New Year’s with a two-week-long festival of parades, dance, music, food, art throughout the city.