Stripedpot.com is a online boutique travel magazine.   When a group of experienced freelance travel journalists/photographers came together to write quality articles for the traveling public, Striped Pot was born.  Being typical of travel journalists, they relished striking out on their own while offering each other generous support.   From our writers: “United in our efforts to write quality articles for the traveling public, we invite the consumer to enjoy the articles as much as we love writing them!”

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Publisher & Managing Editor: Carlanne McCrystal

Elizabeth Rose, Senior Editor


Inga Aksamit

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Wanda Hennig

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Jodie Jacobs

Carlanne McCrystal

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Elizabeth Rose

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Guest Writers include:
Richard Basch
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Dorothy Aksamit
Cheryl Patterson
Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey
Billie Frank
Kimberly Stern
Patty Davis
April Trent

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