Take an off-road Segway tour

Off-road Segways ready to ride

Off-road Segways ready to ride

Segway tours have become a staple tourist attraction for many large cities. Learning to maneuver the vehicle is relatively easy as it’s all about body motion—leaning forward to go and backward to stop. And it’s a great way to cover several miles in a short time frame giving visitors a better view of their destination than by walking or riding in a bus.Well, that’s when you ride Segways on city streets. Try riding a Segway off-road through a forest.

During our summer visit to Door County, Wisconsin, we had an opportunity to experience an off-road Segway Tour. Steve Seaquist, owner of Seaquist Segway, led our group of six participants on a tour through Sequist Orchards (owned by his cousin), the largest orchard in the county.

These Segways have large, off-road style tires that are not fully inflated—the better to roll over uneven terrain. And we had plenty of that!

Free time to test our Segway skills

Free time to test our Segway skills

After a short practice time riding on a path beside the cherry orchard, we took off for our two-hour tour. Lined up single-file, the Segways rolled easily over two-foot tall grass on the trail as we headed for the woods. Not only did the trail become quite narrow in places, but we had to dodge tree branches and watch out for roots that threatened to trip the Segway.

In order to make tight turns around tree roots and branches, we had learned to turn the handlebars horizontally in the direction we wanted to go. Still, by the end of the tour our thighs and ankles felt the tension from trying to keep our vehicles on the rough trail.

When we came to an open area, we all had free range to run our Segways at will. Ah, the freedom to zoom along the grassy area was intoxicating. As a precaution, governers on the Segways limited speeds to 12 mph. lest any of us got truly carried away. Despite a few minor mishaps, everyone survived and declared it one of the most exciting and fun experiences they had ever had.

A two-hour Rough & Tough Forest tour is $65. Beginners might opt for a half hour ($25) or one hour Orchard Tour ($45). For a special adventure, choose the Sunset tour–$70. Segway tours are also available at Rowleys Bay.

Photos provided by Beverly Burmeier