Hemingway is Key West, Florida and vice versa — Part 5

The final leg of our road trip ends at Hemingway’s House  on New Year’s Day 2013.  Our car trip back home to New Jersey will be filled with good conversation, memories, even a few souvenirs and pictures of a delightful stay in Key  West, Florida.

For as long as I can remember, when I thought of Key West, Florida, the first vision that entered my mind was Ernest Hemingway.  Papa Hemingway, as he is referred to by most friends and fans, was/is one of the most prolific and controversial writers of our time; a man who sought refuge at the very end of the Florida keys in his home at Key West.  This home is now a museum open seven days a week to the public which continues to keep the great writer’s image and works alive.

courtyard at Hemingway House

Courtyard at Hemingway House

Upon entering this charming old house, it’s hard to miss the walls adorned with framed movie posters of the films that were adapted from his books.  For Whom the Bell Tolls, one of his most revered book captured my attention first.  As one can see from the picture below, this film is characterized as  “from the celebrated novel by Ernest Hemingway”.  It is among one of the best books and best films of that era.

Movie Advertisement Framed in the Hemingway House

Movie advertisement in the Hemingway House

Many photos and treasures  belonging to Hemingway were framed and hung on the walls, as well as this early Life Magazine’s photo of the author.

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway, Photo

As we toured the home with several other people, six-towed cats slept lazily on the backs of couches, chairs, and even on the bedroom pillows undisturbed by guests walking around their property.

I was particularly taken by our guide, a Hemingway lookalike, who spent a lot of time answering pertinent questions from several people on the tour. He seemed very knowledgeable about many intimate details of Hemingway’s life.

our guide

Our Guide at Hemingway House

The surrounding gardens brought out the best in this guide, as he brought us to Hemingway’s (garden) upstairs writing studio, and showed us the place, center garden, where roaring arguments between Hemingway and his women guests took place. The guide spoke of Hemingway’s divorce battles, and stories of other drunken rages.  Perhaps all for a vignette he might be writing on Hemingway himself.

All in all, I found walking on Hemingway’s sacred ground an interesting trip down memory lane.   It gave this writer something to write on the subject of Ernest Hemingway in Key West, Florida.

The Sun Also Rises

Photos: Patricia Florio