Road trips across the United States – Part 1

It’s easy to access the highways and byways of our great country.  There’s  nothing like a road trip. You can start on any day of the week.  All you need is a vehicle, a driver, a companion or spouse, a few interesting audio books to listen to along the way, a GPS and off you go!

Many times it’s too expensive to fly, especially during holidays, blackout dates, winter breaks and those times when you have the extra Monday holiday to combine with a few other days during the week.  What to do when you  have the time?

Seal of the Cherokee Nation

Seal of the Cherokee Nation


Road trips are the answer.  Plan ahead.  If you stay at a particular hotel chain that you like, whether Marriott, Hilton, or some other, so that you know  you’ll get a clean room, good night’s sleep, and a warm breakfast in the morning, it’s easy to build up points for a free overnight stay at any of these hotel/motel chains.  After you’ve chosen your destination and hotels, the rest is easy.

The GPS devises, like the Garmin, have made travel easier than ever.   Plug in a state, city, address, and right in front of your eyes, the Garmin will report your time of arrival at said destination, number of miles, suggested roadway, highway, local streets, exits, and much more.  When you’re in a locale, the Garmin devise is able to suggest a restaurant, gas station, and points of interest.

The best part of a road trip is that you don’t have to rent a car when you get to your destination.   My husband and I spent this past New Year’s Eve on Duval Street, Key West, Florida as part of our bucket list.  We set out from the Jersey Shore area where we live and decided to take in a few stops along the way.

We headed northwest to the Great Smoky Mountains as our first stop.

The Great Smoky Mountains in the background

The Great Smoky Mountains in the background

The Great Smoky Mountains get their name from the blue-like smoky mist that surrounds them. It’s a beautiful scenic drive through the mountains, feasting your eyes at the wonderment of nature across the United States.

the mist over Great Smoky

The mist over the Great Smoky Mountains

In the Great Smokey you’ll find the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Maggy Valley, where you can book overnight stays within the scenic mountain location and enjoy some snow fun.

Fun tubing Maggy Valley, North  Carolina

Fun tubing Maggy Valley, North Carolina

The trip doesn’t end here.  Actually,  it’s just beginning.  After a few days in North Carolina, we were back in the car heading for the sunshine state of Florida.

So check back shortly for a continuation of this particular roadtrip of ours….fun lies ahead!