85 years of perfection at Radio City Music Hall

This year marks the 85th anniversary of the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.    Christmas show spectacular featuring Santa Claus, and the Rockettes chorus line, high kicks still as perfect as ever.

The Rockettes 85th Christmas Show

The beautiful surroundings of Rockefeller Center, together with the extraordinary tree donated by a New Jersey man who had  immigrated to the United States from Hungary during WWII,  set the stage for the tree lighting ceremony, his interview, and several other festive Christmas television shows.

2012 Holiday Family Celebration

Ice skaters on the rink, hot chocolate and Starbucks coffee inside the NBC building added to the fun on this day in New York City.  “It’s always fun to share stories with other families,” said a local couple we met, while we snapped their picture and they snapped ours.

During this joyful season, it’s nice to be part of the long-standing tradition at Radio City that has been going on longer than most of us are living.  It is traditions like these that keep families coming into New York City year after year to catch the spirit of Christmas.

2012 Rockettes on stage

There were  many changes in the choreography and costuming of the Rockettes’ dance routines. Even Santa had a 3D show, different from two years ago.  If they keep changing the stories, and adding to the performances, it makes the show an event that families will continue to come back to see year after year.

Tickets are a bit pricy.  Most orchestra seats are around $50 to $55 per person.  It’s the extra charge of $15 per ticket for handling and mailing that soars ticket prices over the top for many families.

Radio City in Lights

Radio City in Lights

It’s easier to purchase your tickets right from the box office at the Music Hall to avoid extra charges.  Although the $15 charge did come with a soft drink and a box of popcorn.  Not so bad, I guess.

Inside the Music Hall

Once you step into Radio City Music Hall, your eyes can’t help focusing on the beauty of its interior.  It’s magic!  The entire show, the location, the production, the Rockettes, Santa, the dancers and singers.  Happy 85th Anniversary.  We hope to see you again next year!

Photos: Denise and Jeannine Florio