Happy Halloween from Asbury Park –the Fifth Annual Zombie Walk

It started two years ago on a bet:  Asbury Park’s Zombie Walk could beat the numbers of other Zombie Walks in the Guinness Book of Word Records. This shambling of  Zombies would take place on the mile of boardwalk, and then proceed to the downtown district of Cookman Avenue, allowing all Zombies roam free.

Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Marching Band

Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Marching Band

October 30, 2010, Asbury Park’s Zombie Walk beat the record numbers with 4,093 Zombies “undead” in attendance, shambling along the mile of boardwalk and through the streets of Asbury Park.

This year on October 6 of 2012, the record books, local newspapers, blogs and YouTube proved that 15,000 fans and participants of the genre of “the undead” came in droves to beat the world’s record and their own previous Zombie Walk record in 2010.  The warm summer-like weather for this October day helped generate a larger crowd, as many of the walking dead headed to the beach to kick up the sand.

15,000 Zombies lead the way
A view from the top of the Paramount Theater

Trying to describe the lure that Zombie Walks have on their audience is a puzzle. However, 15,000 Zombies can’t be all wrong.  There’s lots of blood and gore, ashen faces, exposed inner organs glued on the outside of bodies, and more fake blood, splashing freely from bottles applied to all areas of visible epidermis.


Lead band of the Zombie Walk.

The town’s people love every minute of it.  Visitors who came into Asbury Park loved it.  The restaurants and ice cream shops certainly loved it even more.

These guys play hard

Zombie Tennis Players

Makeup artists sketching gruesome faces for  Zombies of all ages worked along the boardwalk and inside the Paramount Theater charging $10 for a basic Zombie look.  These Zombie Tennis Players did their own fantastic job of makeup.

The more original the Zombie, the bloodier the costume got.  Blood capsules wedged between Zombies’ teeth, bit into at the appropriate picture-taking moment, grossed out most folks, as the Zombies lined up in parade.

The "undead" in Asbury Park

The “undead” in Asbury Park

Even some dogs got into the act, as one family portraying characters in the Wizard of Oz, with Toto’s harness affixed with wings like the flying money characters of Oz.  Poor dog (monkey) got a bad rap as the witch’s lackey.  It seemed that the dog wasn’t too happy marching alongside 15,000 other Zombies.

We’re off the see the Wizard . . .

A brilliant day, a brilliant idea on the part of the NJ Zombie Walk in Asbury Park.   Why not go for another world record next year?  Please take the time to look up other blogs, YouTube, and pictures on Google.com under Zombie Walk in Asbury Park.  It’s quite an amazing event.

Zombies husband and wife

Zombies husband and wife

Photos: Patricia Florio

15,000 crowd picture taken by the Asbury Park Press