An overview of Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights has always been an upscale neighborhood in Brooklyn.  When I was a kid, I remember judges, lawyers, doctors and writers being among the privileged people living in Brooklyn Heights.  Very little has changed since the 1950s.  The ‘Heights’ has always kept its stronghold in the community of how property should be managed and maintained.

Brooklyn Heights

Brownstones of Brooklyn Heights

The film Moonstruck staring Cher, Olympia Dekakis, Danny Aiello, Vincent Gardina, and Nicholas Cage was filmed in Brooklyn Heights in one of these classy brownstone buildings.  There were scenes shot in the bakery of Cammareri bread store and bakery, a few blocks away from the Heights, which is still a viable business in Carroll Gardens.

Moonstruck brought new recognition to this major part of Brooklyn, which in turn caused more films and television series, like Law & Order, to be filmed at this location.

People also come to Brooklyn Heights to seek out fashionable restaurants, gaze at the New York City skyline and walk along the promenade at the edge of Montague Street.

New York Skyline

A great view of NYC from Brooklyn Heights

When I get a chance to spend the day in Brooklyn, the place where I was born, I make my way to Vinny’s  of Carroll Gardens at 295 Court Street.  Vinny’s restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere with authentic Italian dishes that even my mother enjoyed.   The food is prepared and cooked right out in view.  Browse the counter and check out the specials of the day.


Vinny's of Carroll Gardens

Day trips to this part of Brooklyn are popular and easy to get to by train or bus.  The Carroll Street stop on the Independent Line (F train) drops you off on the same block as Vinny’s Restaurant.  A few stops to Clark Avenue and you’ll be right in the center of Brooklyn Heights, which is across the park from the Federal, State,  and Criminal courthouses all in the downtown section of Brooklyn.  All of these sections are within a one-mile radius of one another.

Shopping in Brooklyn Heights, especially on Montague Street is a popular pastime of the hip generation.  This is the style conscious section of Brooklyn that equals its cousin in the borough of Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Backdrop

If you’re interested in flamboyant, Lady GaGa makes an appearance in the Heights on numerous occasions, certainly not dressed in her costume wardrobe.  Once in a while she’s recognized but is left to enjoy her day trip to Brooklyn Heights even by the most fanatical of fans.

If you like to browse or photograph brownstones, walk the promenade overlooking New York  City, shop in the unique shops on Montague Street, or have a hankering for Italian food, give Brooklyn Heights a thought.   I know you’ll come back a second time, and probably even a third.


Photos:  Patricia Florio