Inside the Stone Pony, Asbury Park

Political Comedian Kate Clinton and her All Fracked Up Tour kicked off Gay Pride weekend, appearing at the Stone Pony Friday night June 1st.

Kate Clinton (web photo)

Kate Clinton (web photo)

Clinton addressed an audience of her peers, suggesting that life as a gay woman hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding, boasting of her twenty four-year relationship with her partner.  I wondered how many heterosexual married couples could brag about that type of commitment.

Stone Pony

Center stage at the Stone Pony

Clinton made her way from Manhattan to Asbury Park, like trying to swim upstream, through the fierce winds and rain pushing out from the ocean of our Jersey Shore beaches into your visibility.   Kate Clinton definitely came into town to make a sold-out audience laugh, and to spin some of her own thought-provoking ideas.

One of Clinton’s ideas: “If we combine the Democratic and Republican conventions with the Olympics, take all the money saved from combining these events in one place, we’d have enough money to forgive student loans.”   That got a round of applause and cheers from the sold-out-all-woman audience.

Clinton also zinged New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie: “A name so nice, he used it twice.”  She also quoted, “To err is human, to argh is pirate,” getting into the “spill” of oil into our oceans and shores.

Clinton said, “A spill is when your cup of coffee tips over on the table.”  This is one of the reasons her tour is called “All Fracked Up,” mentioning the dredging going on across the U.S. and coming through our pipe lines.

Guitar Bar

Guitar Bar at the Stone Pony

Like so many before her, the Stone Pony has made entertainer’s names into legends.  If you’re down at the Jersey Shore this summer, check out the Stone Pony’s website.

South Side Johnny will appear at the Stone Pony on July 3rd, to kick off the holiday weekend.  Exciting entertainment throughout the summer months and into the fall.

I had a great experience my first time inside the Stone Pony last night.   Thank you to Carolynn and Kyle, event planners at the Stone Pony, and Kristin from 90.5 The Night, Station WBJB at Brookdale Community College  for inviting my husband and me inside the Stone Pony to see the show.  You can catch Kate Clinton perform at Provincetown this summer.

Inside the Stone Pony


There will be Down the Shore reporting.  Stay tuned right here to Striped Pot to get your share of information of upcoming events.


Photos:  Patricia Florio