Summer in the city, New York City, that is

“Hot time, summer in the city,” is not just the lyrics to a great song. It actually is summer in New York City.   And on the last day of May, the streets were packed with throngs of people happy to be walking along Second Avenue on a beautiful summer evening.

65 2nd Avenue and East 4th street in the East Village

65 2nd Avenue and East 4th Street in the East Village

Outdoor restaurants, The Wine Bar, 65 Second Avenue, in the East Village,  are a haven for wine drinkers, sitting at bistro tables, nibbling on cheese and grapes.  While others indulge on flat bread pizza, doused with truffle oil, with melted buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and an array of Italian spices.  So many to choose from, it’s a bit tempting to try them all.

See your reflection in your wine glass

my husband's reflection through my wine glass

There are so many cultural events happening in this area.   Last night at the KGB Bar at 85 East 4th Street, literary series, authors and writers gathered to present a reading from their original work. Throughout the summer and fall, you’ll always find an event at the KGB Bar.  Sometimes comedians, actors, readers, poets, authors; they all come together to celebrate and share their art.

wine, wine, and more wine

A thousand bottles of wine on the wall, a thousand bottles of wine . .

The KGB Bar Reading Series, originally conceived as a small literary series in a funky bar in New York City’s East Village, has grown into a showcase for daring,   it’s  like Mon Marte in Paris in the 1800s, writers and artists commiserating at outdoor wine bars and venues just like this one in New York City.  There’s so much to discuss, ideas grow wild like daisies in a grassy meadow.

It’s a gay and happy event, and readings are free of charge.  Check out the Tri-State reading series.   You will be thoroughly entertained.  Plus you can meet the authors and writers, and buy their books.

If you’re just  interested in people watching, you’ve come to the right place.  Here, as in Paris, people watching is an art.

2nd Ave and East 4th Street

2nd Ave and East 4th Street, NYC

Parking rules:

Be careful to park your car on the right side of the street that bears the day of the week that cars are allowed to be parked.   

Caution: There are parking meters where you can use a credit card that prints out a ticket to be put in your front, driver’s side window for a police officer to see.  

You don’t want to have to pay a NYC parking ticket after a nice evening out.

Give the East Village a try the next time you make your way into New York City for a day trip.   Second Avenue is a great place to stop after the theater; it’s less crowded downtown in the Village than in the theater district.

Lights on the Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge to NYC


More on NYC events coming up next week on Striped Pot.   I promise to  steer you in the right direction.



Photos:  Patricia Florio