Perpetual spring and summer activities in Ocean Grove

If you can’t sit still, you don’t have to, especially in what some people think is “the  sleepy town” of Ocean Grove.  The 2012 summer calendar has arrived and activities abound.

Ocean Pathway - the site of the Giant Flea market

Ocean Pathway - the site of the Giant Flea Market

Coming up first: from 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturday,  June 2, The Spring Giant Flea Market, on Ocean Pathway and Ocean Avenue, will be crowded with over 400 eager vendors ready to sell their goods to hundreds, if not thousands, of eager shoppers who are prepared to buy those goods. There will be food trucks, popcorn vendors, drinks, and plenty of other goodies right at the flea market site.

The Giant Flea Market is one of the events that recommends to its patrons of antiques and other fine trinkets, to come into town early to get a parking spot.  The vendors set up early in the morning to avoid not being able to get into town.  The all-day event can take all day to see every vendor and every item for sale.

This is the first huge activity of the 2012 season, with lots more to come.

Original Pathway Houses

Turn of the Century Homes

If the sun gets too hot, there are plenty of indoor air conditioned restaurants and coffee shops on Main Avenue, just two blocks west of the Pathway to duck inside for a respite.

Prayer Pavilion

There is a Boardwalk Prayer Pavilion directly across from the Flea Market site, where you can relax and catch an ocean breeze.  It’s always restful to watch the ocean ebb and flow on a hot day.

Boardwalk at Ocean Avenue and Ocean Pathway

Boardwalk at Ocean Avenue and Ocean Pathway

If you have a season beach tag at our town, you can park for free at the lot on the south side of town on Broadway and Ocean Avenue.  As you walk through this Victorian Town, you will get a sense of yesteryear. So park that car and get some exercise.  It is worth the experience and good for your health.

Turn of the Century in Ocean Grove

Turn of the Century in Ocean Grove


Many of the homes were originally built in the late 1800s. Some are reproductions of older homes.  You’ll fall in love with the town and come to appreciate how the homeowners take care of their gardens and keep their pretty Lady Victorian houses painted in pastel colors, flying American flags from their porches.  It’s a town built on fellowship and “love thy neighbor”.  It is a town where diversity lives.

A reproduction Victorian house on Ocean Pathway

Reproduction of a Victorian house on Ocean Pathway

In the weeks ahead, the evening concerts will be brought to us by the Camp Meeting Association.  Each group that leads the town’s activities has their own branding of  entertainment that they bring to the town’s people and to outsiders who want to know more about life and activities in Ocean Grove.

The two Flea Market events, the Spring and Fall, and many other  upcoming events, are brought to the community by the Chamber of Commerce.


Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  Apply sun block.  Bring a bottle of water.  There are bathroom facilities at the Youth Center in Auditorium Park and on the Boardwalk on Embury Avenue (the site of the Ocean Grove Fishing Pier).


Coming up in the weeks ahead: The Vintage Car Show.


Photos:  Patricia  Florio

Turn of the Century Photo: picture from a post card.