Spend an RV night at farm or vineyard

Camper in vineyard

Nestle your camper against the windbreak out among the vines and drink in the heady smell of ripening grapes. Credit:Dobrin via Harvest Hosts

For those who desire a ‘different’ travel experience, try a few nights in a vineyard during various stages of their busy year. Or visit a farm where the children can see what really goes into getting that pitcher of milk to their table. They may even get to climb a haystack or slop the pigs. Or join “a rapidly growing community of fun-loving winemakers, farmers and RVers” say Kim and Don Greene.

Leave the Interstate and see what really makes America tick.

Owners of Harvest Hosts, Kim and Don Greene of Prescott, AZ put the experience of being full-timers (with over 150,00 miles in seventy countries) to good use. Eager to share their hands-on knowledge of various nations and the RV-ing opportunities available, they began a non-profit educational foundation, Adventure Learning Foundation (ALF) in 2000.

“On our journeys across Europe, we discovered a variety of networks that allow motorhomes and campers to park overnight at wineries and farms for free.  We “learned that one of the networks, France Passion, had been running for sixteen years and yet this concept had never made its way to the USA.”

The Greenes also lead groups on wine tours, both to Baja California and overseas. These usually are limited to five units. The overseas tours employ rental units.

This is a symbiotic relationship

Arriving at the winery

Check in at the winery office to find where to park your rig. Credit:Solper via Harvest Hosts

For Harvest Hosts to work as flawlessly as it does, some adjustments are required on the part of the RV family. There is a Code of Conduct. It will alert you to certain reasonable restrictions. An example: the Hosts may have animals, so “Farm dogs may be present. If a pet is accompanying you, please check with your Host before letting them out.  Pets are allowed only in parking areas and must be leashed.  Please pick up after your pets.”

Kim and Don want their members to realize this is a give-and-take relationship.  The Hosts are eager to show you how they work and what they produce. In return for a free night’s stay, it is hoped the RVers will buy something from their shop or winery…a small price for the experience.

Gessner purple haze

Purple Haze - parking in the field - Credit: Gessner via Harvest Hosts

All RVs must be self-contained. There will not be access to water or electricity, and some sites may not be level. Levelers cannot be used on asphalt pads. And as all good campers of any sort know “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. You bring in any trash, and you take out that trash.

Maps and Directions

Once you are a member, a map is available to you with a list of hosts and interactive directions. This can only be used while your membership is active. The map is not available to non-members.

Read through the Harvest Hosts website. You will have a complete view of this exciting, mind-expanding vacation idea. And if you do join, be sure to come back and give us a report. Thanks

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