Memorial Day weekend, upcoming events in Ocean Grove

It’s feast or famine here in Ocean Grove.  We all got through a mild winter season and we are in our festive season with lot of events coming up, starting with a parade down Main Avenue and over to Auditorium Park to honor our veterans.

Rolling waves are great for surfers

Ocean Grove's empty beachfront with a few surfers catching waves


The beachfront has been quiet so far, just a few surfers catching a wave.   Beach workers are removing debris the drifted up to the shoreline from the rainy month of May.  Everyone is  preparing for the influx of summer residents heading back down to the “Shore” Friday evening.

May and June are great months to rent condos, hotels and motels in Ocean Grove.  Facing the ocean on the south side of town is the Shawmont Hotel, the Langdon on the north side, the Majestic on Main Avenue.  Private rentals for Ocean Grove can be found on Craig’s List.  One such rental at 13 Atlantic Avenue has some open weeks in June at a fraction of the cost from July and August.


The Majestic Hotel, one block from the beach

Ocean Grove is a Christian Community that embraces people of all faiths, races and ethnicity.  It’s a diverse community where children can go to bible school for the summer and a Sunday worship for children.

The Pavilion Praise has Sunday morning services right on the boardwalk, Ocean Avenue and Ocean Pathway.

To find out  more about the daily worship and workshops, prayer song, and vesper, contact the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association Office at 732-775-5689.   Or check their website at [email protected].

This Memorial weekend the Historical Society of Ocean Grove will have their Antique Show, on Saturday May 26.  Time and location on their website.

Learn more about Ocean Grove, beach badge fees, daily or seasonal by visiting their website.  Daily tags can be purchased at the  Embury Avenue location on the boardwalk, down from the fishing pier is one location that is open daily from 9 Am to 5:30 PM.

There are many new activities this year: Sandy Toes, a children’s-hour, beach-themed story-line.  Activities for 4 and 5 year olds.  Details are listed on

Learn to Fish Program for children ages 7 to 14, sponsered by the Ocean Grove Fishing Club.  Held on the Fishing Pier on Tuesday mornings in July & August.

There’s a tremendous lineup that you can tap into right here on Striped Pot.  I’ll be checking in on a weekly basis with all the new and upcoming events in Ocean Grove.

Ocean Grove Fishing Pier

You have to visit Ocean Grove at least once in your life.  It’s a “Norman Rockwell” picture.  Wake up to the sound of the surf echoing in your ears.


Photos: Patricia Florio