Stew Leonard’s of Yonkers

When someone has one of those green highway signs with his name on it pointing you in a specific direction, then onto a street named after him, who spends countless amounts of money on air time advertising on the radio, it begs the question, who exactly is Stew Leonard?

Stew Leonard's of Yonkers

Stew Leonard's of Yonkers

I found out that Stew Leonard is an entrepreneur of the highest quality, who owns Fresh Farm Foods in the upstate New York, Hudson region and also has several stores in the state of Connecticut.

While traveling through the Hudson Valley region, on a not-so-bright-Saturday afternoon, to explore the cities of Yonkers, Sleepy Hollow, and Tarrytown, Stew Leonard’s is a must-see attraction in your travels.  If you like grocery shopping extraordinaire , you’ll love Stew Leonard’s Farm Fresh Foods.

From a new buffet menu to aisles and aisles of produce, fresh packaged take-home entrees, simply delicious baked good,you will also find a fabulous array of wines and beer. When you visit Stew Leonard’s of Yonkers, New York, you will be like a child running wild in a toy tore.  You just don’t know where to look first, or what to buy.

My husband and I found ourselves going around and around the store several times because we just couldn’t believe our eyes.  Stew Leonard’s has everything you ever wanted to eat and were afraid to try.

Craft beer

Craft Beer for the beer lover in your life.

There are weekly sales every single week of the year on fresh farm fed beef.  “And that’s no bull,” as Stew Leonard says on his radio commercials.  This week porterhouse steak $11.99 a pound.  And these steaks looked thick, juicy, and ready to put on the grill.

If you like steak, Stew Leonard's got it all

If you like steak, Stew Leonard's got it all

The staff at Stew Leonard’s is helpful to your shopping needs, and will make recommendations and offer cooking suggestions.  All you have to do is ask.

What we liked best about our shopping experience at Stew Leonard’s was the opportunity to try some of the prepared foods at individual counters: as an example-freshly made Empanadas, not an item you might be able to buy just anywhere.  At Stew Leonard’s you can buy one to snack on while walking through the store.  Or maybe you’d like to try his prepared crab cakes, freshly made, two to a package.  A great travel lunch to go.  And you can pick up your choice of sauce at the same counter.


Ah, cheesecake and desserts!

We took home a small cheesecake and a few other items.  Well, we almost got the cheesecake home.   Try Stew Leonard’s if you’re in one of his  locals.  It’s a great experience.


Photos:  Patricia Florio