Good News, Drury Hotels Lost the Bathtub

Drury Hotels just keep getting better. You may remember I’ve written about Drury properties before. Value Added at Drury Hotels. I liked Drury then. It is even better now.

Award winng hotels, where the “Extras aren’t Extra.” photo PBH.

As new hotels are being built, modern design upgrades make this chain a standout. Once again, it’s the little things that keep customers returning.

Breakfast – you had me at waffles. The free QUIKSTART® Breakfast with hot food and beverages just make life easier. It eliminates one more thing (breakfast) that I have to plan and locate on a busy morning in an unfamiliar town.

Food – The 5:30 Kickback® was designed with folks like me in mind. No, it’s not a restaurant, just a limited menu of simple fare. Kid friendly. And for the health conscious there’s always baked potatoes and a salad. After a long day, a cool beverage and a time to wind down, just hits the spot. Their hot food choices have been a blessing when I was just too tired to go out for dinner. Parsley not included.

Beverages – There’s no sommelier. Choices are limited and I am pleased to find that the wine selections are good. After a long day of travel, it’s nice to have a glass of wine and a light meal without the hassle of going back out on the road for dinner. No tiny food on toothpicks or drinks with little umbrellas here.

Drury is known for customer service, contemporary design and cleanliness. photo PBH

Something hard to find in some other chains: courtesy. Courtesy is not as common as it once was. Still, every staff member at a Drury property is friendly and helpful. I’ve stayed at a lot of hotels and perhaps this topic comes to mind because the entire Drury staff is consistently pleasant, at every hotel.

Some of the new touches being incorporated in the new hotels are little things. Those little things add up. Again, making my life easier, removing a small inconvenience or adding a simple amenity makes all the difference.

Walk in showers with body wash and shampoo dispensers. photo PBH

Shower, no tub. Woopee! No more climbing in and out of a tub to take a shower in king rooms. (Tubs are still in double rooms.) And no more ity bity bottles of difficult to open or empty shampoo, body wash, conditioner. New showers have dispensers, not little bottles. That’s an environmentally sound practice convenient for business and for customers.

Power strip on every desk. What could be better? Good news for the thousands of us that have left chargers and power cords in that outlet behind the dresser or end table.

Drury Hotels are easy to find in Southern and Midwest states. I live in Cape Girardeau Missouri and there are three Drury properties there. Drury Suites Cape Girardeau, Drury Lodge Cape Girardeau, and Pear Tree Inn can fit any budget. While one doesn’t usually stay in a hotel in the town where they live, I have. When our electricity was out for days during a winter storm, we headed for Drury. When the remodeling contractors were driving me out of my home, I went to Drury.

Power strips on the desk. Easy! photo PBH

When choosing a hotel, internet access is a deciding factor for me. It annoys me when up scale hotels and resorts charge an extra fee or limit access.

If you want to know more about the Drury Hotel family, read The Drury Story  on their web site.

Choose your stay from any of these properties: Drury Inn & Suites, Drury Inns, Drury Suites, Drury Lodge, Drury Plaza Hotels and, Pear Tree Inn. Check them out on facebook  Make reservations at Drury Hotels.

We stayed at the new Drury in  Blue Springs. One of my favorite attractions near Blue Springs is: Missouri Town, Fleming Park, 8010 East Park Road, Lee’s Summit, MO 64015, phone: (816) 503-4860, Operated by Jackson County, Missouri


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