Cruising-Your floating hotel awaits you!

Ports of call in Miami and Fort Lauderdale  have several ships going in and out on a daily basis.  So what are you waiting for?   The freezing temperatures in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area will only get worse as the winter months impact upon us.

It is so easy to book a cruise vacation.  If you don’t have a travel agent, you can do it all yourself online.  All you need to know is how many days you can get away; what island or islands you’d like to visit.  Western Caribbean?   Eastern Caribbean? Central America? Panama Canal?  Perhaps Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica or the Bahamas.  Set your sight on some of these fantastic ships on the cruise lines’ web sites and plan for your winter getaway.

Carnival Dream out of the Port of Miami

Carnival Dream out of the Port of Miami

Your dream cruise awaits you!  There are cruises that  fit every budget: from the top of the line traveling on 10 to 14 night cruises to a 3 or 4 night cruise.  No matter what suits your lifestyle, or your finances, there’s definitely a cruise waiting for you and your family.

Norwegian Sky out of Miami

Norwegian Sky out of the Port of Miami

These luxury liners, floating hotels, floating malls or floating restaurants – no matter what you call them, they are going to offer you the most relaxing vacation of your life.  Just put your clothing away in the closet, get on a bathing suit and think no  more.  Your room will be made up, your food will be cooked, your feet will tap out a beat, you deserve it all.

Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun out of the Port of Miami

Leaving from the Port of Florida, cruisers standing on decks 11 or 12 will receive a panoramic view of the Miami Coast and South Beach.  There’s no denying that this is a breathtaking experience.   As your cruise ship leaves from the port and is backed out by the pilot ship, the captain of the cruise ship makes a turn on a dime to guide the ship out into the ocean.  It’s thrilling to watch from the deck as each ship in its turn leaves the port.   Our ship, the Majesty of the Seas, was on its way down the Coast of Miami to South Beach and then out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Watching the Carnival Dream being backed out

Watching the Carnival Dream being backed out into the ocean


The Miami Coast as seen from the Majesty of the Seas

a View of the Miami Coast as seen from the Majesty of the Seas

These luxurious floating hotels offer so much in entertainment, relaxation, live music and shows aboard the ship that you’ll never forget your first cruise.   You’ll want to take a second, and a third, and try all of the different places cruise ships now take their passengers.   Give my friend Ross a call at 1-800-510-3332, tell him Pat sent you.  He’ll be happy to help you select what’s right for you.  Or go on his web site at

Carnival Dream

Carnival Dream backing out of port to set sail

Watching other cruise ships from the deck of our Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas was a thrill.  The expert maneuvering and precision by the Captain and his crew, along with the pilot boat guiding the “Majesty” out of the port in the Bahamas while a full Reggee band played “Let’s get together and be all right”, made my day!

We’ll be checking in on the big ships, their ports and their services in future articles.  We’ll give you a tour around South Beach, Miami, Hallendale and the Bahamas in upcoming articles as well.  So come back to my Striped Pot page in the coming days for more cruising articles.

Photos: Patricia Florio