North of Phoenix Arizona – the best pies ever

Rock Springs Cafe

Rock Springs Cafe - Famous for Pies

We were off horseback riding at Canyon Creek Ranch just north of Phoenix one day. After the ride, we realized we had worked up quite a bit of hunger and the word “pie” was mentioned. I’m a real pie fan, bypassing cake on my birthday, so I joined the group.

Some wanted a traditional lunch but in the back of my mind I remembered the rave reviews of the pie at Rock Springs Cafe not far from the ranch.

Famous Pies
While you can purchase whole pies at Rock Springs Cafe, that day we each selected just a piece from the extensive menu. There were creme pies and fruit pies and, of course, my favorite… berry pie.

As we waited for the pies, we perused the menu.It looked worth a return trip. I had passed up such delicacies as Hogs in Heat pork and Bradshaw Mountain Oysters (No, not seafood. Oysters are what’s left over when a calf is castrated. Get it?)

I also found out that they Have a Hogs in Heat Bar-b-que and Nut Fry the first Saturday of the Month with live music. Sounds fun!

Rock Springs Cafe History
Rock Springs has a long and colorful history as an Indian encampment, stage stop and watering hole for miners, drovers and sheepherders.

Rock Springs Cafe - Cream Pies

Rock Springs Cafe - Cream Pies

The first commercial use of the property was in 1920 when Ben Warner, built a canvas covered store during the time the adobe blocks for the new Hotel and General Store were made. This opened in 1924. The hotel housed some notable people as well as provided comfort to those traveling to the gold and silver mines in the Bradshaw Mountains. Jean Harlow was a guest at the hotel. The Goldwater Family, including Senator Barry Goldwater, were frequent visitors stopping to rest and savor some of Rock Springs’ famous blackberry pie. (Source: Rock Springs Cafe Menu)

More to See
The area around the cafe has grown over the years. There are little shops now. Stop at one of the specialty shops on the property such as the Farmer’s Market, Hoosier Daddy, Herb Shop and House of Gold and Silver.

When You Go
Location: Rock Springs Cafe, 35769 S. Old Black Canyon Highway, Rock Springs, AZ, 85324. Interstate 17 and Exit 242
Phone: (623) 374-5794
Hours: Mon – Thu: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm,  Fri – Sat: 7:00 am -11:00 pm, Sun: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Buying Pies – Rock Springs Cafe sells 45,000 pies a year! You can call ahead to reserve your pie.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose