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TIPTEMP TEMPAlarm – Pet protection was the primary reason for investigating this product, but lo and behold! it has so many more purposes, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Fact: too many pets die unnecessarily from overheated conditions in cars, boats, motorhomes, etc. Even on cloudy days with the windows ajar, temperatures can climb to dangerous levels surprisingly quickly. In most cases, these tragedies are preventable.

Solution: A portable temperature alarm. Several are available, all with various pros and cons, including price and adaptability to circumstances which include no available land line.

My choice for RVers who do a lot of traveling as well as staying in campgrounds now and then is the TIPTEMP TempAlarm for the following reason:

This compact unit works with a cell phone (no land-line or computer needed). It will require a dedicated cell phone with Bluetooth technology enabling it to reach you when needed. The phone must be turned on to function. While that sounds expensive, if you have a carrier with unlimited service (such as a family plan), that should not cost you more than the monthly charge for that extra line (around $9.00 with Verizon to Verizon service).

Example: My husband and I were in two vehicles. I drove our Pacifica – a lease, so we could not tow it. Not wanting to be right on each other’s tail, I usually let him drive about 1/4 mile ahead of me. We kept our phone lines open on Bluetooth; great for advance road condition warnings. It also kept us awake by singing some old favorite songs. We learned the only problem was having to keep the phones on the charger. But I digress.


TIPTEMP Temperature Alert ©TIP temperature products

Back to the temperature monitor. This particular brand can be set to any range between -50F to 199F. When the selected limit is reached, it remotely dials up to three cell phones you specify and alerts the person to the problem. At any time, if you are concerned, you can call the Tiptemp unit and a canned voice will give you preprogrammed information: temperature and humidity – in case you are concerned about leaks. There is an external temperature sensor too.

An added accessory ((Back-UPS ES UPS, 350VA, 200watts @ around $60.) will call you if there is a power outage, and will back up the power to keep your a/c, fridge etc. working for a specified amount of time.

Not all campgrounds, even within the same company) are alike, and sites vary too. Urban areas are more predictable than the ones we all love – off the beaten path.

Conclusion: If you value your energy-dependent toys – computers, audio equipment, refrigeration, weather gizmos, telephony, TV and anything else that can be zapped by a spike or even fried, the TipTemp TempAlert will put your mind at ease. That, in addition to the life-saving feature for your pets.

There are other brands that may suit your needs, but this is the one I would choose based on not having a land line phone for an extended period of time.

Don’t limit this product to your RV!!! Do you have a vacation home in the north? Do pipes freeze and break in winter? And a post script? Please back up your computer data – daily, or continually on an external hard drive…cheap insurance.

NB – I have omitted the price purposely. Afraid to scare you, but consider what you are protecting!

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