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Dushnabe Teahouse 33
The Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder, CO-Credit:Boulder CVB

What better way to start your day than stopping for breakfast at the Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder, Colorado?

“The Orange Foccacia French Toast sounds great, but maybe I’ll go for the Pan Seared Salmon Eggs Benedict,” says my Better Half.

Check out the whole day’s menu and be tempted. The website also tells the history of the Dushanbe Tea House and its artwork, as well as descriptions of the exotic teas they sell and their origins. Also available is an assortment of fanciful accessories to turn a simple cup of afternoon tea into an occasion.

The restaurant itself is an adventure in Persian arts and crafts. The walls have been handcrafted by artisans who came to this country to put their masterly touch on the painting and sculpture: “Intricately carved plaster panels, by Kodir Rhakimov, demonstrate the ancient art of Persian Ganch.”

Between the tea, the food and the ambiance, I guarantee you’ll be transported to a far-away place in a long-ago time. Teahouse Interior.

Megan Bucholz

Megan Bucholz, Founding Foodie - Credit: Table Tours

Tasting the best of the best
Let me introduce you to Megan Bucholz, the original Founding Foodie of “Boulder Table Tours”. I admit to not knowing about these tours except by surfing – but – on follow up through several review sites, I am Impressed. Visitors to Boulder from coast to coast waxed poetic when describing these adventures. These are personal walking tours with various themes: dinners, coffee and pastry, deserts, Farmers Market-to-table, and custom.

Megan has worked with all the chefs personally, and has put together a series of events to be cherished by all lovers of gastronomy who will have an opportunity to interact with Boulder’s best food personalities.

But let Megan tell all on Boulder Table Tours website. As an added treat, she also offers Table Tours in Denver…Both towns that love good food!

And she has added Boulder and Denver Cocktail Tours – “Hey, wait for me! Is it Five O’Clock yet?”

Sated, we now move on to Intellectual Pursuits

Tordnado Experiment

Demonstration of a tornado Credit:Boulder Atmospheric Research Center

Weather, the atmosphere, the universe and all things astronomical – Boulder has laboratories and museums to hold the attention of all science buffs – any age or gender. You may be introducing a budding weatherman, NOAA hurricane or tornado chaser or discoverer of a new planet to the labs that will stimulate their minds. Nowhere in the USA are we immune to severe weather, but what causes it? What makes it tick? Learn the mechanism of a tornado at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, part of the University of Colorado.

NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is centered in Boulder and has tours for visitors to learn about NOAA’s work with hurricanes as well as giving regular reports to travelers on land, sea and in the air. Watch them track storms and predict other phenomena. They are also responsible for monitoring and understanding the oceans.


©Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau

Another highlight for science-minded “kids” of all ages is a visit to the Fiske Planetarium.

Entrance to the lobby is free, and many special programs are $7.00 for adults, $5.00 for students with ID, $3.50 for seniors and children.

These include laser light shows featuring music by bands of all types, as well as other topics. Their website lists all the exciting events open to the public.

For star-gazers, a real treat is a visit to the Sommers Bausch Observatory for open house on Friday nights where you can use the telescope and learn more about the stars, guided by students. Check their schedule to see what the programs are. They are governed by the weather, so call to see if they are open before going at (303) 492-5002

Music, theater and art also take center stage in Boulder

Kids paint Boulder

Young Talent ©2009 Paul Bousquet/BoulderCVB

The Boulder Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras, Shakespeare Theater group and the Light Opera Company complete the buoyancy to the artistic side of the city. Children are encouraged to paint “en plein air” and easels are set up for them in the park. Museums abound, with one in particular honoring the Native American heritage of this city.

The Leanin’ Tree Museum and Sculpture Garden of Western Art is sure to please visitors who seek a comprehensive viewing of fine paintings and statues representative of the West. The founder of Leanin’ Tree greeting cards, Ed Trumbull’s quest for original Western art for his personal collection formed the basis of the museum’s exhibits today.

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