Beautiful, Bodacious Boulder, Colorado

Pearl Street Mall - Paul Bousquet

Pearl Street Mall, Credit:Paul Bousquet and Boulder CVB

Visiting beautiful, bodacious Boulder

Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder asserts itself as bold and audacious; hence bodacious.  A university town with many research laboratories, it derives much of its spirit from the energy and inquisitiveness generated by those elements.

As with many such cities, the graduates stay and contribute to the sophisticated ambiance. Scientific companies bring employees with eclectic backgrounds, enhancing the cultural offerings and diversity. It is these residents especially who attract museums, art galleries, music venues, high-end shopping, and of course – memorable restaurant experiences.

OSMP – Open Space and Mountain Parks

horse and bike

OSMP trails Boulder: Credit Boulder Canyon Trails

As the TV ads say, “But wait! There’s more.” Boulder is also “America’s #1 recreation town by bike”. This is partly thanks to its Boulder Creek Path according to Every Trail, an online guide now offering a free app for your iPhone or Android.

Notable are the OSMP regulations regarding use of public lands. They encourage people to go mountain biking and horseback riding, but emphasize good stewardship of the land, as any experienced camper practices.

Boulder Creek Tubing

Boulder Creek Tubing ©CVB

An example is their Voice and Sight Dog Tag program. Once a dog has been trained to respond to sound or visual signals it is given a tag allowing it to go without a leash in many posted areas.

Several companies offer outdoor tours for everything from mountain biking, visiting gardens and farmers’ markets to rafting, hot air ballooning, fishing and more. Other companies offer walking tours to breweries, restaurants, historic houses, art museums, neighborhoods that have developed their own character, such as “The Hill” – a college student section resplendent with art, crafts, music, and a good supply of ethnic cafés, bistros and restaurants.

Fairs and festivals add to the outdoor excitement

There is a festival celebrating just about everything you can imagine, including the annual Fringe Festival.The Fringe community is a well established, existing worldwide network. Boulder has long been a bedroom community for world-class performers and artists from many traditions as well as exceptional new artists bursting with inspiration.”

“The heart of Downtown Boulder is the Pearl Street Mall – an area dedicated in 1977 to be free from motorized traffic and to preserve the history of the town from its Gold Rush days. Buildings were restored, trees planted, restaurants with outdoor seating flourish, street performances are held. The lilt of sprightly conversation permeates the area. The aroma of eclectic regional dishes whets the appetite. It’s the vibrancy of color, sound and sight that bespeaks Boulder!

Skateboard Park

Skateboard Park Credit:Boulder CVB

Pearl and Broadway’s history reads like an enviable success story. To quote Richard Foy, Co-Chair of Communications Arts, Inc. “Pearl Street, once Boulder’s commercial artery, has become its cultural heart and soul.”

Don’t forget the kids – all ages

As if the tours and other activities weren’t enough, Boulder has constructed one of the finest skateboard parks in the country. There is no question you could sneak away for a few hours to pursue your interests and your more energetic family members would not even miss you as they perfect their stunning moves at this park.

This concludes Outdoor Boulder. When I catch my breath, we’ll take a look at the museums, science halls, music venues, and of course the restaurants and places to lay down your head for the night.

Next stop: Boulder Indoors

Boulder Colorado USA – Things to do and attractions

Boulder Colorado Farmer’s market
Andrews Arboretum A small, intimate green spot to rest in the city.
St. Vrain State Park Campground
Fairgrounds RV Park

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