Airline must pay bumped passenger up to $1,300 USD

New Federal Regulations Are Good News For Travelers

New federal regulations require airlines to pay passengers who are bumped and refund bag fee if your luggage is lost. If you are stuck on an international flight and sitting on a U.S. tarmacs airline must allow passangers to get off the plane after 4 hours.

The Department of Transportation has boosted travel protection for passengers. If your are involuntarily bumped from an oversold flight, your are eligible for more money.

Bumped passengers can get up to $650 if the airline can get them to their destination within one to two hours of their originally scheduled arrival time for domestic flights. If you are delayed for a long time, the benefit can go up to up to $1,300.

Airlines must now provide prompt refunds of fares and optional fees. Airlines already compensate passengers for lost or damaged baggage. The new rules state that if you pay extra to check a piece of luggage and the airline loses your bag, it must now refund the bag fee.

New rules take effect Tuesday August 3, 2011.

Photo Credit:  Robyn Lee