Wearable video camera -record your travels as you go



Looxcie, Inc., makers of the first wearable mobile-connected video cam, just came out with the Looxcie 2™, a sleek new video cam. With an entirely new design, Looxcie 2 weighs 20 percent less than the original Looxcie and is almost half the size of the original while maintaining full battery capacity and all video capture and social media sharing features. New attachment accessories provide users with a variety of ways to wear and use Looxcie 2: snugly over the ear, on helmets, caps and more.

Looxcie 2 comes in two configurations: up to 10 hours of video storage and up to 5 hours of video storage, available for $199.99 and $179.99 (MSRP) on Looxcie.com. The companion Looxcie smartphone apps can be downloaded for free from the Android’s Marketplace or iPhone’s App Store.

When a memorable moment occurs that is worth preserving or sharing, the instant clip button automatically rewinds, captures and saves the moment as a permanent clip, which can be instantly shared to sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And with the updated “LooxcieMoments”  smartphone companion app, users can now choose between either 320p or 480p video quality.  The Looxcie also serves as a Bluetooth headset and is designed to be paired with a smartphone, but it can be used without a smartphone as well.

Product Details:

Looxcie 2 utilizes a dual processor system for simultaneous video capture and wireless communication. The Looxcie’s video processor software maximizes battery life and optimizes video for viewing, editing and sharing on mobile devices.

Additional Product Features & Specs:
Adjustable fit for comfort
Lightweight: 22g (less than 1 oz.)
Clips stored as MP4 files
Up to 5 or 10 hours of video storage (depending on model)
User selectable video capture in 320p or 480p
Instant clip creation and sharing to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, i-Cloud
Looxcie companion apps for iOS and Android: LooxcieMoments and LooxcieCam
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and eSCO for up to 10 meters range

The original Looxcie is available from Amazon.com and the Looxcie2 is available from their store online.