Parasailing above the sea on Maui

Dangling 800 feet above the ocean in a sling chair didn’t appeal to my husband, but after learning we could go tandem, he agreed to try parasailing.  We arrived at Mala wharf at Lahaina Harbor on Maui wearing bathing suits (although you probably won’t get wet) and climbed aboard a high tech speed boat to motor into open water of the Pacific Ocean.

Donning life vests, we positioned ourselves on the slight seats and strapped in. Unlike the time I parasailed by lifting off directly from the beach in Mexico, we launched effortlessly from the boat by a hydraulic winch system on deck.    Slowly, as the attached cable was released, we rose higher and higher, conscious of wind and sun on our bodies.  Soon, views of white, fluffy clouds above and the blue sea below rippling from our boat’s foaming wake filled our senses.

It’s eerily quiet and peaceful when you’re drifting in the air over the ocean, feeling far away from overcrowded resorts.  That’s the lure of parasailing: an opportunity to become part of the natural environment while viewing ocean scenes from a lofty perspective.

Riders can go alone (must weigh at least 130 pounds), in pairs, or triple (combined weight cannot exceed 400 pounds) on rides that soar either 800 feet (38 stories) or 1200 feet (50 stories) high.  Children 6 to 12 years of age must ride with a parent or guardian. Rides last eight to ten minutes, and if you’re game the crew will thrill you with a “touch ‘n’ go,” where they slow down and allow your toes to skim the water’s surface.

Even though we took pictures from the heights (it’s best to bring a waterproof or disposable camera), the crew was also busy recording our adventure. Their photos perfectly captured the broad smiles that covered both our faces and the feeling of pure exhilaration during our soaring adventure.

Parasail Ka-anapali


Mala Harbor

Lahaina, Hawaii (Maui)

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