One-day options to commemorate the Civil War anniversary

While many people are able to take a multi-day tour to learn more about history of the Civil War battles, root causes of the conflict, and how the war changed America forever, that won’t work for everyone this year. But you can still show interest and appreciation for this significant event by participating in a variety of one-day commemorative activities. Here’s a selection to get you started:

–Take a ghost tour of Harpers Ferry for a lighter way to experience this fateful event.

–Tour battlefields in Virginia on Segways, which allow you to explore large distances covered by these battles more easily than on foot.Manassas battlefield

–Ride buckboards onto the fields of Antietam National Battlefield Park in Maryland, just as civilians did to pick up the casualties after the deadliest battle of the war.

–Ride on horseback for two hours across the battlefields of Gettysburg, site of the turning point of the war.

–Walk one of five hour-long tours that begin at the public entrance to the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. Each focuses on a different scene and how the city has changed since it was capital of the Confederacy. Learn about Capitol Square, Capital City, Slavery/Freedom, Industry/Commerce, and The Homefront.

–Take a two-hour walking tour in Charleston, South Carolina for emphasis on the often-neglected African-American viewpoint during the war.

–Attend the re-enactment of the 1911 Peace Jubilee in Old Town Manassas, Virginia on July 21, 2011. The original Peace Jubilee marked the 50th anniversary of the First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) and was attended by veterans from both the North and South.

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Photo of Manassas battlefield by Beverly Burmeier