Stop driving when you get to South Haven, Mich.

There are many reasons to avoid driving your car: a reduced carbon footprint, a healthier transportation alternative like bicycling or walking, reduced stress. But most in the spotlight these days is the cost of driving your car. If you can avoid filling up your tank at $4 plus per gallon, there’s more money in your pocket. And that’s something everyone likes.

So with the summer vacation season upon us, what’s a traveler to do? Obviously, you can have a “staycation” and enjoy sites in your town, using public transportation. But if you must get away, consider a place like South Haven, Mich., where you can let the car sit after you arrive. There are other places too where you can travel. For instance, if you are willing to spend a little extra, consider an exotic holiday in Dubai where a safe driver dubai shall pick you up and drop you off wherever and whenever you want.

South Haven, about 125 miles north of Chicago, is a compact small beach town. You can get a B&B or rental home or apartment that is within walking distance of the beach and of downtown.

Just picture it: Sleep in and have breakfast served to you as a way to start the day. Next up, a bike ride through town or along the Kalhaven trail. Stop at one of the local grocery stores or delis and grab a couple of sandwiches and some drinks before heading to the beach for an afternoon of sun worshipping.

After you wash off that sand and refresh yourself with a shower, you can walk into town for dinner. There are restaurants and bars you can get to on your own two feet. And if you overindulge, walking home is safer than driving and probably will make you feel better as well.

This southwest Michigan beach town has seven public beaches along five miles of shoreline. Its beaches are world-class and so are the sunsets you can see from shore, or from in the water, for that matter.

Its downtown is walkable, with restaurants, bars, shopping and other entertainment options including a movie theater. I like to browse the bookstores.

For details on lodging, restaurants and upcoming festivals, check out And give your car a rest.

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