Brides say ‘I Do’ to bridal showcase at Pan Pacific Hotel

Last week in Seattle, 175 brides said “I do” to an invitation to a bridal show case.  More than 100 of those brides-to-be showed up on February 17th at the Pan Pacific Hotel to watch a mock wedding and attend a reception for the ”bride” and “groom”, along with the “parents” of the lucky couple and other “friends” and “relatives”.  It was a fascinating experience that entranced many brides-to-be.

Many of the brides-to-be had their grooms in tow, while others brought their maid-of-honor, best friend or a parent.  Pan Pacific Hotel has held this event before but never had they had such a large turnout.  They partnered with The Knot and Pink Blossom Events to get the word out to the community.  The turn out reflected the level of interest in the bridal scene here in Seattle.

Purveyors of fine wedding experiences

Purveyors of fine wedding experiences

Wedding purveyors turned out to give the brides-to-be a glimpse into what they could provide for a dream wedding. From spa services, cakes, flower arrangements, photography services, foods and beverages, art (an artist who paints your wedding/reception scene while it is happening), wedding dresses,  if it related to a wedding or reception event, there was someone there to show you how it is done.
Pan Pacific Hotel is happy to host your wedding and/or reception.  They have an exquisite “floating” staircase for the bride to descend to greet her guests.  They have all the facilities to create your dream wedding scenario and once you have tied the knot, in a matter of minutes turn it into a party haven for the reception.

If you are thinking of a wedding in 2011, call the Pan Pacific Hotel and check out their few remaining available dates for weddings.  It could be your dream wedding come true.  If you are planning a wedding for 2012, you might want to get on the invitation list for next year’s bridal showcase event.  It will be well worth attending.

Check out the picture gallery for a glimpse into what this year’s event was like.

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