Lincoln’s Journey-Springfield, IL to Washington, DC Recreated

Imagine Abraham Lincoln brought to life and hearing his eloquent speeches again. In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of President-elect Lincoln’s trip from his hometown of Springfield, Illinois to Washington, DC, The National Park Service will revisit 16 cities where Lincoln stopped. From February 11-23, 2011, acclaimed Lincoln actor Fritz Klein will recreate Lincoln’s speeches in each of those towns. Cities include Springfield, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Cleveland, Ohio; Westfield, New York; Buffalo, New York; Albany, New York; Peekskill, New York; New York, New York; Trenton, New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland; and, Washington, DC.

The program will feature what Lincoln said in each community, trying to reassure a nation on the verge of Civil War. National Park Service Park Rangers will add to the presentation with the story of Lincoln’s election and the turbulence that followed during the great Civil War. Through it all, Lincoln’s held fast to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, despite threats to the nation and himself.

The free program is sponsored by the National Park Service in cooperation with many local cosponsors in each community who will enhance the Lincoln Inaugural Route presentations.

In Springfield, where Lincoln’s journey began, his farewell speech will be recreated at the Great Western Railroad Depot on February 11 at 9 a.m.

The Great Western Train Depot, Springfield, Illinois

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Lincoln’s Inaugural Route

Springfield Inaugural Journey

Portrait of a President – Actor Fritz Klein as Abraham Lincoln

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This program will also be streamed live on the Internet at Ohio Channel.

Communities throughout the US will be holding their own Civil War Commemorations throughout the Spring and Summer.  Look for additional articles about these events here on Striped Pot.