Legacy of the Alamo is honored in 2011

The Alamo in San Antonio commemorates the 175th anniversary of its famous battle in 2011. So this year is the perfect time to schedule a milestone visit to the heart of Texas.

entrance to Alamo in San AntonioNamed one of America’s top 10 historic sites by The History Channel, the Alamo, which was originally a Spanish mission, is easily recognizable to folks all over the country. For 13 days in 1836, 200 Texas defenders held the Alamo from over a thousand of Mexican General Santa Anna’s troops. In the end, all the defenders perished, but the Alamo continues to represent freedom and independence from Mexico.

The story of brave men who perished fighting for Texas’s independence has been immortalized in film and print and has spawned numerous legends.  Figures like William Travis, Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett were elevated to heroic status for their brave stand at the Alamo.

While visiting the Alamo, be sure to take in other interesting attractions in San Antonio, one of the few cities in the country with a distinct personality. Six Flags amusement park, Sea World, the River Walk, Mexican market, mission trail, King William district, Majestic Theater, La Villita, Institute of Texas Cultures, art museums, Mexican culture museums, outstanding ethnic restaurants, and so much more offer fun and entertainment no matter what your interests. For folks outside the central Texas region, more than 100 flights arrive in San Antonio daily, and the airport is only about 8 miles from downtown, where the Alamo is located.plaque at the Alamo

Interesting fact: United Kingdom citizen, musician Phil Collins, has the largest private collection of Alamo memorabilia in the world.

Numerous ceremonies will commemorate the fateful Battle of the Alamo and key events that happened before and after. Check back for an article with commemorative event dates and places.                       Photo credit: Larry Burmeier

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