Where to get your cupcake fix in Durban, South Africa

Cupcakes Durban

I Heart Market cupcake contest winner.

Cupcakes are sometimes called “fairy cakes” in South Africa.

When in the coastal city of Durban, the best place to find them is at the foodie markets,  which you will not want to miss.

The I Heart Market, a food and design market, takes place on the first Saturday morning of each month. Young Durban creatives Anna Savage and Saki Butler are the inspiration and organization behind it.

It is an outlet for the city’s young (and older) artisan jewelers, designers and artists. Cupcakes are a standard on the market menu. Twice a year they invite creative cupcake cooks to rise to the occasion and compete in a cupcake contest. These cupcakes are auctioned and the money goes to charity. Check the market’s blogspot for the I Heart Market venue and times.

The last Saturday of each month between 8am and 2pm about 3,000 foodies head for the Hellenic Community Center in Durban North, site of the monthly Durban Food Market. You can go to this market for breakfast or lunch; to stock up on fresh, local, sustainable and organic fare for the week; and to get your cupcake fix.

Anna Savage and I Heart Market cupcakes in Durban, South Africa.

The mainly indoor market — if it were outdoors, it would have flavors of the best and least pretentious of San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, albeit a considerably scaled down version — was established in 2009 to showcase the skills, variety and selection of produce, foods and edible products that are being produced in and around Durban and KwaZulu-Natal.

The Hellenic Community Center, located in a residential suburb in the northern part of the city is, as it names suggests, headquarters of Durban’s Greek community. And Greek pies, sweets and specialty deli snacks are a highlight — although the offerings are a deliciously eclectic mix representing the city’s cultural mix (Indian, African, Middle Eastern and European).

About 30 minutes by road inland from Durban, the Shongweni Farmers and Craft Market, an upscale weekly affair, is worth the drive if you’re a food lover. You’ll find assorted pastries and cakes among the fresh, local and organic offerings. And always cupcakes. Enjoy!

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