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Tequila y Guacamole

Tequila y Guacamole by Al Fresco

A bottle of Indescreto tequila materialized, while Gerardo fired questions at us. Did we want complimentary margaritas? Yes. How about guacamole on the house? Yes. Fresh seafood? Yes. Did we want to go sailing on Bahia de Banderas (Banderas Bay) tomorrow? Pause. Why, yes.

Gerardo, the manager of Tequila y Guacamole, a small eating establishment among many along the marina at Marina Vallarta, Mexico at first resembled any one of a number of hawkers that bombard tourists with promises of the best ever (the best whatever—insert topic of your choice—best timeshare, best food, best beer, etc.). Gerardo was somehow different. More engaging, more personable, more direct. He seemed to have a knack for knowing just what would entice people into the restaurant. We were instantly hooked, as in hook, line and sinker.

Guacamole is prepared at the table

Guacamole is prepared at the table

Gerardo corralled us on the marina as we were searching for just the right restaurant one evening. He set the hook with the promise of fresh seafood, but as we hesitated slightly he promised free drinks and fresh guacamole made table-side. We succumbed easily.

As he settled us into our seats beside an open window to the marina he orchestrated a fleet of servers and, quick as a flash, chilled margaritas were set before us. Moments later a portable stand was placed near my elbow and avocados, tomatoes and onion were expertly blended into a savory guacamole on the spot, served with crisp tortilla chips and fiery salsa. We cooled down with icy margaritas made with fresh lime juice and vowed to never drink margarita mix again.

Friends enjoying Tequila y Guacamole

Friends enjoying Tequila y Guacamole

Outside our window a window box sprouting basil served as a makeshift office for Gerardo as he whipped out an album of photographs showing people having the time of their lives sailing, snorkeling and deep sea fishing. The price was reasonable at $30/person for a day of sailing so we signed up. Out came his receipt book propped up on the basil and he conducted his business efficiently as he continued to dart out to lasso anyone strolling by, enticing people into his restaurant with regularity.


A bottle of Indescreto tequila appeared at our table

We found ourselves highly entertained by the engaging Gerardo, and after enjoying the grilled, sweet, shrimp fresh out of the bay the bottle of tequila appeared. I cautiously took a sip, mostly to be polite to the kind and generous Gerardo, but found the tequila to be immensely smooth and drinkable, not like the harsh tasting tequila I remembered from my college days. We enjoyed a few nips of tequila and appreciated the short stroll to our lodging, dreaming of a beautiful day on the Bahia de Banderas to follow.

The entire meal of grilled shrimp, key lime pie, margaritas and beer was about 210 pesos (US$16) for two, with a few items thrown in for free, such as the guacamole, one round of margaritas and the shots of tequila. A good deal by anyone’s standards.


Marina Vallarta
Marina Vallarta is located 2.6 miles from the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport, north of Puerto Vallarta.


Tequila y Guacamole, by Al Fresco
A row of shops and restaurants borders the boats in the marina and is a pleasant place to stroll. Tequila y Guacamole is located at one end main road on Popa Street, furthest from the bay.
Marina del Rey Local 13 A y B
Phone: 322-221-2366
Marina Vallarta, Mexico

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