For the photographer-Wildlife Photography by Uwe Skrzypczak

Wildlife Photography by Uwe SkrzypczakThe dilemma -Christmas is drawing near and those last minute gifts for under the tree seem harder and harder to find.

One answer -if you have a budding or experienced photographer in the household who dreams of traveling with their camera, Wildlife Photography by Uwe Skrzypczak (pronounced Scripcheck) is a delightful book to wrap and place under the tree.

Not only a beautifully photographed and presented pictorial of the East African Serengeti, one of the largest and most intact eco-systems on the planet, this book inspires the photographer to get out and shoot, no matter where they are.  The respect shown for the subjects, the depth of field, the intensity of  life are all shown in the photography of this talented man.

He discusses the DSLR and its technical aspects and workflow of digital photograhy in the wilderness. It is a guide for the photographer who dreams of an African photo safari, filled with techniques, tips and sound advice for making the most of such an adventure.  This book is sure to delight any photographer as well as becoming a welcome addition to the living room table collection of books.  You can find this book at