Future Vision lighted reading glasses are an illuminating gift for travelers

Future Vision Led Reading Glasses

For women (and men) of a certain age, reading glasses eventually become necessary even if you once had perfect 20-20 vision. For travelers, the reading glasses are another item to tuck in the carry-on.

But these Future Vision LED Reading Glasses have left me smiling in the dark.

The glasses have tiny LED lights inside the frames near the hinges that are powered by batteries. The glasses are ideal for travelers. A hotel room without a convenient bedside table and lamp won’t have you disturbing your partner when you read before bedtime. And if you find yourself lost and need to examine a map in the dark, these could save the day.

The lights at each hinge come on with the flick of a small switch. The glasses do double duty because you can wear them during the day with the lights turned off. The battery life is about 30 hours and the glasses come with a replacement battery set. Available in magnifications ranging from 1.25 to 2.75, the glasses come in black or tortoise frames and sell for $27.50 at www.futurevisionledreaders.com.



  1. How do you change the batteries ? I can not take them apart. Help !

  2. You slide the battery coverings up or backwards, depending on the kind of glasses you have. I change mine all the time.