Osprey Porter 46 travel backpack will lighten your load

Osprey Porter 46

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack

For travelers on the go who want maximum flexibility without looking like a grubby backpacker will appreciate the features of the Osprey Porter 36 travel backpack. The best part about the pack is that it can be converted from a backpack to a soft-sided bag by tucking the straps into a hidden compartment for a clean, streamlined look. However, the padded straps are substantial, unlike other convertible packs. Another nice feature is that the zipper to the main compartment zips vertically to reveal the contents—no more opening the top and digging down to what you need, which is invariably at the bottom of the pack. It easily fits into overhead compartments on most planes. At 2,800 cubic inches the capacity is decent, with two mesh pockets inside and two zippered external pockets. We like the Osprey Porter 46 but if you’re looking for a larger pack check out the Osprey Porter 65 (3,967 cubic inches). The pack itself is lightweight (3lbs, 2 oz) and durable.

If we’re moving around taking different forms of transportation in Asia I have found that a roller-bag is a hindrance due to frequent encounters with uneven surfaces and small storage spaces. On a three day tour of the Mekong River in Vietnam I was shuttled onto more than 15 types of transportation, ranging from tiny, cramped boats to comfortable coaches and everything in between. I’ll never forget being discharged from a river boat onto a weed-infested empty lot and watching the people with roller bags thrashing through the foliage, overgrown grasses wrapping around the wheels, while my husband and I skipped over to the sidewalk shouldering our light packs. The Osprey backpack fits the needs of adventure travelers perfectly.