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Dark Chocolate

Askinosie Chocolate is a small batch bean to bar chocolate manufacturer located in Springfield, Missouri.

Because it’s Christmas, I want to share the amazing Askinosie Chocolate story. I’ve taken the tour a couple of times because I love Askinosie chocolate, and I admire entreprenuer Shawn Askinosie.

My BFF just sent The Chalk-late Box.™ It has a chalkboard-top that is a perfect way to send a message to friend.

Buy Askinosie Chocolate at the Springfield factory or online

Chalk-late Box.™ is a top selling gift item on the website. The Chalk-late Box.™ is filled with four-85g Chocolate Bars: 70% San Jose Del Tambo Dark Chocolate Bar, 77% Davao Dark Chocolate Bar, 70% San Jose Del Tambo Nibble Bar™, and a Malted Moo Moo Dark Milk Chocolate Bar. It also comes with chalk and a blank top for easy customization. See all the gifts.

I like supporting the people that support our community. See for yourself how one man can touch so many lives.

Bean to Bar

Single-origin dark chocolate, dark milk chocolate, and white chocolate from three origins: Soconusco, Mexico; San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador; and Davao, Philippines. Shawn Askinosie travels to Mexico, Ecuador, the Philippines to source the cocoa beans that he uses to make chocolate.

  • Chocolate University
  • Shawn Askinosie founded The Chocolate University in late 2007 to give local students a hands-on educational experience in entrepreneurship, sustainable practices, fair trade, economics, and global engagement.

  • A Stake in the Outcome
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  • Price: The Chalk-late Box™ $43.

    Askinosie Chocolate Cupcakes are available every Tuesday, or you can pre order the made-from-scratch cupcakes. There is a minimum of a dozen ($30) and you must order at least 48 hours notice. To place your order, call Carrie at  417.848.4500 or email Carrie.

    Good News for Gardeners: When I travel through Springfield MO, I can usually buy fragrant cocoa bean mulch, when I stop by the Askinoise chocolate factory at a fraction of the cost at Garden Centers.


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