Travel clothesline and sink stopper makes laundry a breeze on the road

The Travel Clothesline with Sink Stopper from Woolite combines two of my favorite travel items, a travel clothesline and sink stopper. Add some stain-removal wipes and you have an inexpensive laundry survival pack for the intrepid traveler.

I travel light, getting away with a small backpack for weeks of international travel. The way I can do that is to pack lightweight, quick-dry fabrics that I can rinse out in my hotel room every night or two. Two essential items are a clothesline and sink stopper. Many mid-range and budget hotels have very small bathrooms and lack places to hang clothes to dry so bringing your own clothesline is important. Often the plug for sink or tub doesn’t function or has been removed so I carry a large, flat plastic disc which works very well in sinks or tubs for washing a few items or taking a long, luxurious bath. This travel pack contains both items plus five packets of Woolite detergent, though I usually double-bag some powdered detergent in zip-top baggies. I also include a few Shout stain-removal wipes because when you bring a limited number of items it’s useful to keep everything looking clean.