Turtle Cove Spa near Hot Springs caters to couples and families

Larry strolls the woodland path to massage gazebo

As my husband Larry and I slipped into white fluffy robes, we slipped into a carefree mindset in preparation for our couples massage. We sipped ginger tea and sampled fresh pineapple to start the pampering experience at Turtle Cove Spa.

Turtle Cove is a full service spa facility on Lake Ouachita near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Opened in 2003 as part of the 54-year-old Mountain Harbor Resort, it offers a variety of massages, facials, body treatments, holistic therapies, luxury pedicures and more.

We soon found out how well the spa pampers couples.  Two massage therapists led my husband and me down a woodland path to a secluded outdoor cabana. Nestled in the shaded Ouachita Forest overlooking the lake, this indulgent outdoor setting exudes serenity.

Two massage tables, each adorned with a single red rose, awaited our bodies.  As we lay face down, the aroma of lavender drifted up from a bowl under the table–the first blissful scent of our experience–followed by aromatic tangerine and orange massage oils. Singing birds provided music here—no need for recorded tunes.  Our muscles loosened with the alternately soft

We're ready to hop on the massage tables

and hard massage strokes, punctuated with intense heat from smooth river rocks placed on our backs to aid muscle relaxation.  Soon soft snoring sounds drifted from Larry’s table.

Not only do forest and water form an enticing backdrop for the facility, but the nearby Crystal Mountain range also provides tools for the trade. Hidden beneath a thin layer of topsoil lie millions of tons of beautiful clear Arkansas quartz crystal, a natural resource Turtle Cove uses in several treatments. For example, Crystal Energy Balance Therapy utilizes locally mined polished crystals, tuning forks, and a sound table to align the spine and balance the body from the inside out.  The Crystal Massage facial uses gemstones polished and shaped specifically to massage the facial area using Shiatsu and Lymphatic massage techniques.

Local crystals used for spa treatments

Turtle Cove a great destination for singles or girlfriend getaways with packages ranging from half-day to multiple nights including a variety of spa treatments. Located in the Ouachita National Forest, which provides opportunities for outdoor activities like guided hikes, Yoga in the wild, and woodland workout circuits, you can do as much or little as you want.  Lodging-spa packages designed for couples or honeymooners are available, or you can bring your daughter for the Spa Princess Packages (for kids under 12) or skin care packages designed for teens.

In addition to lodging at Turtle Cove, you can also stay at adjacent Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake Ouachita, a Corp of Engineers lake with almost 1000 miles of shoreline and limited development—perfect for a variety of water sports and activities.


Photos by Beverly Burmeier   www.beverlyburmeier.com