Antelope Slot Canyon, Arizona – Taking an Antelope Slot Canyon Tour

When you visit the Page/Lake Powell area, one of the things you’ll want to do is tour Antelope Slot Canyon. That’s the canyonAntelope Slot Canyon that photographers have made famous. The play of the light on the red sandstone is just amazing. The Navajo people consider these canyons to be very spiritual places. And, when you visit, you will find out why.

Antelope Slot Canyon Guide Services
You will need a guide to go into the slot canyon. You can find a guide and 4WD tour in Page. Or, you can park at the Antelope Slot Canyon parking lot and go with a guide from that point. The slot canyons are on Navajo Nation land. I prefer signing up for a tour because the number of people that are allowed into the canyon at any one time is monitored.  Time slots are given out to the tour guides. By signing up for a tour, you are guaranteed a visit at the time you have chosen.

Touring with Chief Tsosie
We opted to take a “Chief” Ray Tsosie’s (Navajo) tour from Page and thoroughly enjoyed the tour and meeting Ray.  He had grown up in the area and the area where we were to tour had been his “playground.”

Ray Tsosie There are two canyons, upper and lower Antelope Canyons. We went to upper Antelope Canyon. That is where the famous photos are taken and where most of the visitors go.

Your guide will take you very close to the entrance to the canyon. It’s an easy, sandy walk and, once inside the canyon, you’ll find that it is a rather short walk to enjoy it all. If you go to Lower Antelope Canyon, it is different. You’ll need to use ladders to get into the canyon.

We went to the upper canyon very late in the day. While the light was not at its best for photography, we managed to get some fairly descent photos and enjoyed a quieter time at the canyon. Ray told us about how dangerous the slot canyons can be in a storm and how some visitors actually were killed in a downpour once as they didn’t pay attention to the impending weather. As we gazed at the high sandstone walls surrounding us, we could see branches embedded in the wall where a recent storm had left them.

As we enjoyed the quiet and the natural beauty of the Navajo sandstone canyon, Ray played flute music for us. It was a magical end to a great tour. The slot canyons are truly a spiritual place.

Slot Canyon Photography
If you are a photographer, remember that the best light beams can be seen through the months of April to September. Chief Tsosie’s tours, have photo tours that take place mid-day. They are longer than the 1 and 1/2 hour regular tour visit and will allow you plenty of time to set up your tripod. Photography tips.

Entry permit costs $6.00 per person. Children are free.  Often this is not included in the tour fee.  Be sure and ask your tour company. Tour fees will vary. We have listed Chief Tsosie Tours information:

Tour times (Mon-Sat): 8:30am, 10:30am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 5:00pm *Closed on Sunday*

Regular Antelope Canyon Tour: Length: 1 ½ hour Price: 32.00/per person (13yrs. and older) 20.00/child (7-12yrs.) *Tax and Permit included in the price.

Antelope Canyon: Extended Scenic Tour Length: 2 ½ hour Price: 50.00/per person (13yrs. and up) 35.00/child (7-12yrs.) *Tax and Permit included in the price.

Entrance Station Hours and Location
(Mountain Standard Time year round) Summer (March-Oct) 8:00am – 5:00pm. The Entrance Station is closed for the winter season (Nov – Feb) but Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon are both open. Location: Coppermine Rd. (Navajo Route 20) three miles south of Page, Arizona.

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Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose