Yak Trax cleats for safe walking in snow and ice

Yak Trax Cleats

Wear Yak Trax cleats for safety on snow and ice. These cleats are handy for travel in areas where it might ice up or snow while you are traveling. Reasonably priced, you can purchase these from Amazon.com


Explorer’s Guide to Yosemite and the Southern Sierra Nevada region

Yosemite and the Southern Sierra Nevada

The second edition of David T. Page’s Explorer’s Guide to Yosemite and the Southern Sierra Nevada (Countryman Press) is an encyclopedic collection of information about the entire Southern Sierra Nevada (Snowy Range) and adjacent desert valleys. If you like to know history and culture of places to which you travel, this book needs to be in your backpack.


New kids’ activity book with fun facts about Arizona

Thinking about a family trip to the Southwest? If you have grade-school children, hustle to your nearest book store (or the Internet) for a copy of Arizona Way Out West & Wacky. This fun-filled activity book highlights Arizona’s history with true but humorous, interesting, gross, and wacky facts about the Grand Canyon state.


GPS specifically for RV navigation

Trip Maker5510™

Rand McNally TripMaker™ makes the difference between frustration and pleasure when touring in your RV. Geared for all size RVs, with or without trailer, it will provide a log and checklists, local interest, get you back to the main road when you explore trails, and tell you if there is turning room at the end of a dead end road. Fantastic!


The RV Lifestyle – Beginner tips & know-how

Moby Who

The RV Lifestyle is perfect for the person who can embrace whatever life rolls under their wheels. Usually it is new and rewarding. Sometimes it is old and full of memories. Then there are those times that may be more exciting than you’d care to remember. Whatever it is, it’s wonderful! This page will ease the transition for new RVers learning the lingo and how-to of a life on the road.


Digital Pocket Pedometer easily tracks your distance while walking

Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer Review and Pricing.