Touring the Georgia O’Keeffe home in Abiquiu, New Mexico

Georgia O'Keeffe Home in Abiquiu, NM

Many visitors to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe do not realize that within an hour’s drive you can visit Ghost Ranch or the O’Keeffe home in Abiquiu. Once you have enjoyed the offerings of the museum, a road trip will enhance your enjoyment of the work of Georgia O’Keeffe.


Road trips across the United States – Part 1

The Great Smoky Mountains in the background

It’s easy to access the highways and byways of our great country to begin a road trip any day of the week. All you need is a vehicle, a driver, either a friend or spouse, a few interesting audio books to listen to on the way, a GPS and off you go!


Escape winter in Sydney, Australia

We spent a couple of days this winter (summertime there) exploring Sydney, Australia, a coastal city with one of the most beautiful harbors anywhere in the world.


Charleston Tea Plantation: Unique in North America

The Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina is the only commercial tea-growing operation in North America.


Touring New Mexico’s northern wine country

Vivac Winery

Tour New Mexico’s northern wine country. It is not widely known that New Mexico has some great wines and wonderful opportunities for wine enthusiasts to vacation in beautiful, historic areas and taste a bit of the grape. In fact, New Mexico has the oldest wine growing region in the United States.


Santa Fe New Mexico at Christmas: Real charm awaits you

Santa Fe in Spanish means “holy faith,” and so it is fitting that Santa Fe is a true Christmas destination. Santa Fe, at Christmas, has all the magic, the lights and the joy that one unfamiliar with New Mexico would look for at a theme park, or commercial Christmas display. But Santa Fe is real. The Christmas celebrations are rooted in faith, history and culture. What you will experience in Santa Fe at Christmas is beautiful, authentic and spiritual. Here are some tips on how to enjoy Christmas in Santa Fe.