Chichicastenango – Colorful Guatemalan market town

Vendors arrive for market day in Chichicastenango

Chichicastenango is a town known for its Mayan markets. Market day is an experience you’ll not soon forget. Locals go to buy produce and household goods and tourists flock to the markets to buy handicrafts and souvenirs. The town is in the beautiful Guatemalan highlands, several hours from Guatemala City.


A Santa Fe experience – Fiesta and Procession of La Conquistadora

Don Diego de Vargas and Group Portraying Resettlement of Santa Fe

Almost on a weekly basis, the history and culture of Santa Fe, New Mexico is played out in the many festivals, ceremonies and events that take place. Many of these events are a great draw for visitors from all over the world, but some remain more community-focused. This is about Santa Fe Fiesta and the Procession of La Conquistadora.


Guatemala – Finding the Mayan god of smoking and drinking


When you visit Guatemala, you may run into images of an intriguing folk saint who, to some tourists, is known as the “god of smoking and drinking.” Maximón is depicted in European dress with trousers, shirt and hat. You’ll find him seated with a cigar in his mouth or an opening where alcohol can be poured.


Ocean Grove – Saturday night entertainment

This article about Ocean Grove ends our visit to this historic town. It’s time to move further down along Monmouth County’s beachfront to Bradley Beach. First let’s take a look at Saturday nights and other entertainment in Ocean Grove.


Inside the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove – Part 3

The Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove on the Jersey Shore has 6,700 seats. Yet some events actually sellout in our tiny town, as people from all over the country and the state of New Jersey come to lift their voices in praise on Sunday mornings. On Saturday evenings they come from everywhere to enjoy the concerts as well.


Monmouth County: The Historic Town of Ocean Grove – Part 1

Ocean Grove is separated by two lakes, Fletcher Lake on the south and Deal Lake on the north, so there is no entry from Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park. You can walk the boardwalk into Ocean Grove from Asbury Park, but you can’t drive in.