National Shrine hosts Ladies Day Out and Pet Walk

National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows hosts Ladies Day Out shopping, luncheon and wine tasting and Tails, Trails Twinkles pet walk.


Santa Fe’s Historical Hysterical Parade

Santa Fe Historical Hysterical Parade

Santa Fe is into parades and processions. Given the smoothness with which the Historical Hysterical Parade flowed along on Sunday, Santa Fe knows how to put on parades efficiently and safely. The more than 100 floats and vehicles involved in Sunday’s Historical Hysterical Parade, which started right on time at 1 p.m. and wound through the streets of downtown Santa Fe for exactly two hours, was a delightful show of community spirit. Visitors would enjoy the spectacle as well. It’s a great family outing.


Clonmacnoise symbolizes early Irish Christianity

Viking boat

Sitting on outside benches of our Viking ship watching pastoral scenes of cattle and cottages, we made our way from the town of Anthlone to Clonmacnoise, a monastic site one and a half hours away.


Silver Dollar City Southern Gospel Picnic

Silver Dollar City hosts the largest Southern Gospel gathering ever, August 25 – September 5.


Sunday morning at Santa Fe’s Spanish Market

Saturday at Spanish Market can be crowded with collectors and people who always do things with their family and friends on Saturdays. Saturday is opening day and can get very crowded. Unless you are a collector and want to get first choice of the traditional and contemporary art pieces, consider going to Spanish Market on a Sunday morning. It’s a whole new experience.


Santa Fe’s market scene – Spanish Market

Carved Wood Skeleton

Summer is market time in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Annually, the last weekend of July, visitors and locals enjoy the colorful Spanish Market representing the arts and handcrafts of New Mexico’s Hispanic population.