Santa Fe New Mexico at Christmas: Real charm awaits you

Santa Fe in Spanish means “holy faith,” and so it is fitting that Santa Fe is a true Christmas destination. Santa Fe, at Christmas, has all the magic, the lights and the joy that one unfamiliar with New Mexico would look for at a theme park, or commercial Christmas display. But Santa Fe is real. The Christmas celebrations are rooted in faith, history and culture. What you will experience in Santa Fe at Christmas is beautiful, authentic and spiritual. Here are some tips on how to enjoy Christmas in Santa Fe.


Tucson’s Mission Xavier del Bac: White Dove of the Desert

Mission Xavier del Bac in Tucson

Mission San Xavier del Bac near Tucson, Arizona is often called “The White Dove of the Desert.” The mission does seem to rise in stark white glory from the desert sands of the Tohono O’odham Reservation.


Visiting Saint Joan of Arc Chapel – Marquette University, Milwaukee

Joan of Arc Chapel

On the campus of Marquette University in Milwaukee there’s a beautiful chapel. That’s not unusual for a Jesuit college campus. But this chapel wasn’t built on Marquette’s grounds this one, the Saint Joan of Arc Chapel, was built in the 15th century as the Chapelle de St. Martin de Sayssuel in the French village of Chasse in the Lyon region of France.


Memorial Day weekend, upcoming events in Ocean Grove

Rolling waves are great for surfers

It’s feast or famine here in Ocean Grove. We all got through a mild winter season and we are in our festive season with lot of events coming up, starting with a parade down Main Avenue and over to Auditorium Park to honor our veterans.


Bethlehem PA: The Christmas City

Bethlehem, Pa, The Christmas City, maintains the religious and spiritual customs of its Moravian founders.


National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows Light Display

Hotel packages and meal coupons are on the website. There is so much for families to enjoy, you’ll wish you could stay longer.