Fall bicycle weekends in Springfield Missouri

Few Missouri towns are as bicycle friendly as Springfield. Bring your own bikes or pick them up at the hotel. Bike racks along the sidewalks at your favorite restaurants make it easy to navigate, shop, relax.


Corks and Canines: Virginia’s Wine Country Part 2

Traveling Virginia’s Wine Country with dog friendly locations like Middleburg, Morven Park, Bluemont Winery, Chrysalis Vineyard,


Corks and Canines: Virginia’s Wine Country Part 1

Virginia’s wine country includes very dog-friendly vineyards, towns, and attractions.


Traveling with your dog to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dogs are allowed in the Plaza during most events.(But not all!)

Santa Fe has gone to the dogs. It is one of the most “doggy” towns I have ever been to. There are dog parks, permissive outdoor cafes where dogs can join their people for a gourmet meal, and specialty dog shops. This is one place you’ll want to bring your well-behaved pooch.


Sleeping with the fishes in pet friendly Springfield MO

Goldfish service has proven to be extremely popular, especially for people missing their pets. Hotel staff will deliver the fish to the room, feed and care for it.


Scottsdale, Arizona: Sun, golf and great accommodations

The Saguaro in Scottsdale - Pool

Scottsdale is a great place to go for sunshine, golf, Spring Training Baseball, or gallery hopping. If you plan a getaway to Scottsdale, I want to recommend two places to stay. One is a small boutique hotel in old town and the other is a full service resort in north Scottsdale.