Austin’s natural environment provides recreation opportunities

Outdoor recreation is high priority in Austin, which boasts 220 parks. Two special places are Mount Bonnell and McKinney Roughs.


Dallas Arboretum is beautiful any time of year

Thousands of pansies in various shades of purple, pink, white, yellow, and blue brightened the winter landscape at the Dallas Arboretum, and spring promises more spectacular displays.


Winter Whale Week on the Oregon Coast

Gray Whale Spy Hopping - Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Winter Whale Week is celebrated along the Oregon coast during the last week of December. It is never certain whether it will be a good time to see the whales, but usually it is. Up to 18,0000 gray whales swim along the Oregon Coast during their winter migration. You may also see Humpback whales.


Travelers Come and Go Green in Springfield MO

Staying in an environmentally friendly hotel is a deciding factor for many guests. Greenstay Hotel and Suites is also affordable, modern and in the heart of the city.


Exploring Bali in two days-Day 1

Tanah Lot

For beach lovers the white sands, warm waters and perfectly shaped waves of Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia might fill the holiday agenda, but if you have soaked up your maximum sun allotment and want to explore the island there are many more pleasures to be experienced, including luxurious hot springs at the base of mighty Mt. Batur.


Stay at Sheraton Resort in Iguazu Falls National Park in Argentina

No matter that we arrived at Iguazu Falls National Park in Argentina at 9:30 a.m. after an overnight flight from Buenos Aires, we were soon on the Upper Falls trail gasping at the remarkable power and beauty of this sight. No matter that we chose to go out of our way to visit Iguazu Falls following two weeks in Peru, we still couldn’t imagine how awesome it really is.