Lighting up the “Open Sign” for waterfront business – a festival

Seattle Waterfront Ferris Wheel

In a collaborative effort, City of Seattle entities, non-profit organizations and Seattle Waterfront businesses are presenting The New Waterfront Festival on Oct. 4th, 2014 to increase awareness and gain continued consumer support for businesses during Seawall construction throughout the fall and winter of 2014/15. On October 1st, 2014, seawall construction is scheduled to start up… Read More


More Delta flights scheduled for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Mementos of the event

Celebrations abound as Delta Air Lines expands their presence in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle in particular.  Delta Air Lines teamed up with Michael Bublé to celebrate the airline’s expansion into the Seattle region. Delta hosted the event, which included a VIP Receiption and intimate Q+A with Bublé for its elite SkyMiles members and key partners, in recognition… Read More


Washington DC: The inauguration and Martin Luther King Day

Visit the Martin Luther King Memorial on the Tidal Basin

The nation’s capital will buzz with speeches and parades for Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 21 and the presidential inauguration events, Jan. 21.


Hurricane Sandy: before, after and now at the Jersey Shore

Our mascot, Fishing Pier Ralph, is letting everyone know that we’re doing okay down the shore in Ocean Grove.


Getting Bradley Beach back from the clutches of Sandy

Letters restored for Bradley Beach

Today’s a bleak day in the neighborhood of Bradley Beach, which matches the sentiments of many who live in Monmouth County’s beach communities. Life at the beach is wonderful, except as victims of Hurricane Katrina know, and now we do too, “If you live by the water, you have to expect the water to come visit you some day.”


Clean water equals good travel

North Lake Tahoe

It’s hard to believe there was a time when sewage and industrial waste flowed freely into our nation’s rivers and lakes. Thankfully that practice has been greatly curtailed as a result of The Clean Water Act, which today celebrates its 40th anniversary