Thrill seekers find adrenaline rush rappelling down Moaning Cavern

Rappeller at Moaning Cavern

I was on Part 3 of a day of adrenaline rushes at Moaning Cavern Adventure Park, which has transformed itself from the basic cave tour that I remembered vaguely from childhood, to a full-fledged adventure destination, welcoming daredevils to test their mettle against a variety of thrills.


Moaning Cavern Adventure Park-Zip line thrills and cave walk

Zip line aunch pad shack (Steve Mullen)

I was enjoying the thrill of a zip-line at the multifaceted Moaning Cavern Adventure Park in Calaveras County, but instead of the traditional semi-sitting position, which we had already done, my husband and I elected to go Super-style for our second ride. I loved the sensation of flying with no ropes visible beneath me, and feeling calmer on the second ride, could look around and enjoy more of the scenery.