Don’t overlook presidential museums when traveling the US

Gerald R. Ford Museum is in Grand Rapids, MI but the library is in Ann Arbor

Did you know that a museum has a real Air Force One and that visitors can clamor up its stairs and see its galley, offices and bunks? And did you know that a small presidential library with a walk-in vault exists in a charming, period house?


Natural wonders of the world

Mighty glaciers flow into the frigid water in Alaska's Glacier Bay

Intrepid travelers have their favorite “natural wonders,” and it’s not always the best known places that capture one’s sense of awe.


Explore San Francisco with the Hyatt Passport

Hyatt’s new “Explore San Francisco” package, features four hotels and unlimited use on all of cable cars, historic streetcars, busses and those famous trolleys.


Huntington gardens or art are reasons to visit Pasadena area

Wander between cacti and succulents paths through a desert garden before winding around to the lily ponds

The botanic gardens, art collections and library of The Huntington just south of Pasadena in San Marino, Cal. are worth a visit year round.


Hotel Los Gatos & Spa – Silicon Valley’s Mediterranean retreat

Hotel Los Gatos, California

Hotel Los Gatos is an ideal base for a visit to the Santa Cruz Mountains, to the Silicon Valley or to Central California. The hotel’s spacious rooms and suites, elegant courtyards with outdoor pool and excellent service will make Los Gatos feel like home for a weekend or for a multi-week business stay.


Explorer’s Guide to Yosemite and the Southern Sierra Nevada region

Yosemite and the Southern Sierra Nevada

The second edition of David T. Page’s Explorer’s Guide to Yosemite and the Southern Sierra Nevada (Countryman Press) is an encyclopedic collection of information about the entire Southern Sierra Nevada (Snowy Range) and adjacent desert valleys. If you like to know history and culture of places to which you travel, this book needs to be in your backpack.